brief forays into (dreams) reality.

I made up my mind that I would hold onto nothing, that I would expect nothing.

— Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer

Another order, more secret and less communicable, that the true study of reality did not rest on laws, but the exception to those laws.

— Cortázar quoted by Brothers Quay.

She was waiting, but she didn’t know for what. She was aware only of her solitude, and of the penetrating cold, and of a greater weight in the region of her heart.

— Albert Camus, The Adulterous Woman from Exile And The Kingdom

Rely, rely, rely, rely,
Behave, behave, behave, behave,
Decide, decide, decide, decide,
Repave, repave, repave, repave.

— Volcano Choir - Alaskans

The past is just a story we tell ourselves.

— 'Her' written by Spike Jonze.

Often when we sit together backstage I am silent. Sometimes they think I’m in a bad mood or uncertain, but often I’m just sitting there, listening, thinking. I’m an observer. I am neither uninterested or indifferent, but I can be quiet for long periods, just studying their mouths moving. I prefer to speak when I’m done thinking. Or to take a picture.

— Johan Rheborg

Mas é que a verdade nunca me fez sentido. A verdade não me faz sentido! É por isso que eu a temia e a temo. Desamparada, eu te entrego tudo - para que faças disso uma coisa alegre. Por te falar eu te assustarei e te perderei? mas se eu não falar eu me perderei, e por me perder eu te perderia.

— Clarice Lispector - A Paixão Segundo G.H

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